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Nadhran Trading and General Contracting Ltd.
Nadhran Company for Trading and General Contracting was established in May 2019, where the company was prepared to contribute to investment in the field of general trade, to engage in all commercial business from import and export of goods and to invest in the field of construction, electrical and mechanical engineering contracting, including carrying out work related to the construction, expansion and demolition of buildings of all kinds and works of roads and pavements Bridges, rails, airports, dams, survey and port engineering works, water and sewage pipelines and other construction works.
As well as carrying out the contracting of electrical and mechanical works of various kinds, including works related to electrical and sanitary installations, sewers, towers, metal installations and their activities that fall within the general contracting department.

1-And to import everything related to the company’s activity and to grant agencies for the purposes of marketing the goods and commodities with which the company deals
2-The company can purchase and rent various means of transport, machinery, cranes, and auxiliary and complementary tools
3-Comprehensive project management of Pre & Post Contract works till completion of projects

  • Processing
    Electrical transformers
    Processing materials and hand tools
    Supplying electrical materials
    Equipment control and cams
    Providing communication systems
    Preparing a group of computers
    Equipping various devices
    Biasing various safety equipment